The Return of Taco Bell Volcano Menu 2023: A Spicy Comeback Review

Taco Bell Volcano Menu 2023

Taco Bell Volcano Menu Review: Get ready to turn up the heat, because Taco Bell Volcano Menu is making a fiery comeback! Fans of the popular fast-food chain have been eagerly awaiting the return of this spicy sensation, and now their taste buds are in for a treat.

what is the taco bell volcano menu

In this article, we’ll explore the history of the Taco bell Volcano Menu, the mouthwatering items it features, and why it’s become a fan favorite.

Taco Bell Volcano Menu is back, featuring the fan-favorite Volcano Burrito, Volcano Taco, and the irresistible Lava Sauce. Discover the history and flavors of this spicy sensation!

A Brief History of Taco Bell Volcano Menu

The Taco Bell Volcano Menu first made its debut in 1995, quickly gaining a loyal following among Taco Bell enthusiasts who craved a little extra spice in their lives.

After a hiatus, the menu is now returning for the third time, much to the delight of its fans. The Volcano Menu’s signature ingredient, Lava Sauce, has become synonymous with the perfect blend of heat and flavor.

The Spicy Lineup: Volcano Menu Taco Bell Items 2023

Volcano Menu

The Volcano Menu Taco bell features two main items: Volcano Menu Taco Bell and Lava Sauce

  • Taco Bell Volcano Burrito
  • Taco Bell Volcano Taco

The Volcano Burrito is a delicious combination of seasoned beef, rice, crunchy red strips, sour cream, and, of course, the famous Lava Sauce, all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

The Taco Bell Volcano Menu, on the other hand, consists of a crunchy red taco shell filled with seasoned beef, lettuce, and a generous dollop of Lava Sauce.

Satisfy Your Cravings with the Volcano Combo

For those who can’t decide between the Volcano Burrito and the Volcano Taco, Taco Bell offers the Volcano Combo.

This meal deal includes both the Volcano Burrito and the Volcano Taco, along with a side of nacho chips and a medium drink, all for just $7.49. It’s the perfect way to satisfy your spice cravings and enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Early Access to Lava Sauce for Taco Bell Rewards Members Starting June 27, 2023

Taco Bell Rewards members can enjoy Lava Sauce before it’s officially added to the menu on June 29.

volcano menu taco bell 2023

To get your hands on this fiery condiment, simply access the Taco Bell app and add Lava Sauce to your order for just $1. Remember, this spicy addition is available for a limited time only, so make sure to indulge before summer ends. Note that menu prices may vary by location.

Spice Up Your Meal with Volcano Tacos and Volcano Burritos

This year’s Volcano Menu features the Volcano Taco, a hard-shell tortilla filled with beef, lettuce, Lava Sauce, and cheese, and the Volcano Burrito, a scrumptious combination of beef, beans, rice, cheese, and Lava Sauce wrapped in a tortilla.

Based on previous releases and price increases, we expect the Volcano Tacos to cost $3.19 each and the Volcano Burrito to cost $4.49.

DIY Taco Bell Lava Sauce for At-Home Spice Lovers

If you’re craving Lava Sauce now or miss out on the promotion, you can create your own version by mixing Taco Bell hot sauce with their standard nacho cheese sauce.

Adjust the spiciness to your preference and explore more Taco Bell secret menu ideas.

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Recreate Discontinued Volcano Menu Items with Lava Sauce

While some Volcano Menu Taco bell items like the Volcano Nachos, Volcano Double Beef Burrito, Volcano Quesarito, and Volcano Steak Burrito aren’t returning, you can still recreate them using Lava Sauce. Here’s how:

  1. Volcano Nachos – Order the Nachos Bellgrande for $4.99 and ask for Lava Sauce instead of nacho cheese sauce.
  2. Volcano Double Beef Burrito – Order the Beefy Melt Burrito for $2, get a side of Lava Sauce for $1, and pour it inside the burrito.
  3. Volcano Quesarito – Order a Beefy 5-Layer Burrito for $3.39, add chipotle sauce for $0.65, replace beans with seasoned rice for $0.55, and swap nacho cheese sauce with Lava Sauce.
  4. Volcano Steak Burrito – Order a Burrito Supreme for $4.39, replace beef with steak for $0.90, get a side of Lava Sauce for $1, and pour it inside the burrito.

The Secret Behind Lava Sauce’s Popularity

What makes the Volcano Menu Taco Bell so irresistible is the Lava Sauce. This spicy, creamy condiment is made from a blend of mayonnaise, hot sauce, and various spices, creating a unique flavor that adds a kick to any Taco Bell dish.

Fans have been known to request extra Lava Sauce on their orders, proving just how much they love this fiery addition.

FAQs Regarding Taco Bell Volcano Menu

What is the volcano at Taco Bell Menu?

The Volcano Menu at Taco Bell is a limited-time menu that features spicy items with a lava-inspired flavor. It includes the Volcano Taco, Volcano Burrito, and Lava Sauce. The Lava Sauce is a spicy nacho cheese sauce that is unique to the Volcano Menu.

When did the volcano menu leave Taco Bell?

The Volcano Menu was discontinued in 2016. It was brought back for a limited time in 2023, but it is no longer available at Taco Bell.

What is Taco Bell’s new lava sauce?

Taco Bell’s new Lava Sauce is a spicy nacho cheese sauce that is made with a blend of cheeses and fiery red jalapeño peppers. It is similar to the original Lava Sauce that was discontinued in 2016, but it has a slightly different flavor profile.

Is the volcano burrito back?

Yes, the Volcano Burrito is back at Taco Bell! It was brought back for a limited time in June 2023, and it is still available at participating locations.

Is the volcano taco hot at Taco Bell?

The Volcano Taco is considered to be spicy, but it is not as hot as some other Taco Bell items. The Lava Sauce that is used in the taco has a Scoville heat rating of 800, which is considered to be a medium heat level.

What flavor is the volcano sauce?

The flavor of Taco Bell’s Lava Sauce is a combination of spicy and cheesy. It is made with a blend of cheeses, including cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, and Romano cheese. It also contains jalapeño peppers, which give the sauce its spicy flavor. The sauce also has a slight garlicky and oniony flavor.

What does the volcano taco taste like?

The Volcano Taco is a spicy taco filled with seasoned beef, shredded lettuce, a three-cheese blend, and Lava Sauce inside a red taco shell. The taco has a combination of spicy, cheesy, and smoky flavors. The Lava Sauce gives the taco its spicy flavor, while the three-cheese blend gives it a rich and creamy flavor.


The return of Taco Bell Volcano Menu is a spicy dream come true for fans who have been craving its unique flavors. With the Volcano Burrito, Volcano Taco, and Volcano Combo, there’s something for everyone who loves a little heat in their meal.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time comeback – head to your nearest Taco Bell and experience the fiery taste of the Volcano Menu today!

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