Sheetz Breakfast Menu and Hours (Yummy Grab-And-Go Breakfast Bites)

Indulge in a satisfying morning meal at Sheetz, where you can choose from various delicious on-the-go breakfast items. Sheetz serves breakfast all day, which means you can enjoy their breakfast items whenever you visit the store. 

Sheetz’s breakfast menu is filled with a variety of flavorful breakfast options, including burgers, burritos, platters, and sides. 

Start your morning feast by choosing from their seven classic burger items, which allow you to customize your choice of meat, buns, egg, cheese, and sauce to satisfy your hunger and taste buds according to your preferences. 

Alternatively, if burgers aren’t your choice, you can explore their burritos. Their burritos come in four distinct flavors, which are grande burrito, western burrito, bacon, egg & cheese burrito, and sausage, egg & cheese burrito. 

Each burrito is wrapped in fresh tortillas and crafted with high-quality ingredients to make it a perfect blend of on-the-go breakfast options. 

For those with a hearty appetite or looking for a generous breakfast portion, consider picking their breakfast platter. Their breakfast platter contains scrambled eggs, mini hash browns, and a choice of protein & bread. 

Also, make sure not to miss out on trying their side dishes such as smoked sausage bun, mini hash browns, and french toast sticks, which are recommended by many visitors for their delectable taste and flavors. 

Sheetz Breakfast Hours in Different States

Here are the breakfast hours for Sheetz in various states across the United States. 

StatesBreakfast Hours
OhioServe breakfast all day, Open 24/7
PennsylvaniaServe breakfast all day, Open 24/7
North CarolinaServe breakfast all day, Open 24/7
VirginiaServe breakfast all day, Open 24/7
MarylandServe breakfast all day, Open 24/7
West VirginiaServe breakfast all day, Open 24/7

What Time Does Sheetz Start Serving Breakfast?

Sheetz typically serves breakfast all day and operates 24 hours a day at all its locations throughout the United States. 

What Time Does Sheetz Stop Serving Breakfast?

Sheetz doesn’t have a designated time to end their breakfast service. You can enjoy their breakfast offerings at any time of the day across all their locations in the United States. 

Does Sheetz Serve Breakfast All Day?

Yes, Sheetz provides breakfast options throughout the day, which gives you the flexibility to savor their breakfast menu at any time during the visit. 

Sheetz Breakfast Menu

French Toast Sticks$3.49
Mini Hashbrowns$2.49
Bacon, Egg, And Cheese Burrito$2.49
Sausage, Egg, & Cheese Burrito$2.49
Grande Burrito$5.79
Western Burrito$2.49
Walker Breakfast Ranger$4.59
Classic Breakfast Platter$6.29


Wildwest Flatbread$3.99
Protein Showdown$4.59
Farmhouse Flatbread$4.59
Kickin’ Chicken$4.39

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sheetz Have Scrambled Eggs?

Yes, Sheetz includes delicious scrambled eggs in their breakfast platter. Also, it comes with mini hash browns and a choice of protein and meat. 

Does Sheetz Have Soup?

Yes, Sheetz serves Campbell’s condensed chicken noodle soup on their menu. 

Does Sheetz Have a Kid’s Menu?

Yes, Sheetz provides a limited number of dishes on their kids’ menu. Kids can choose from a variety of small-portion meals, desserts, and fruits. 

Can I Order Sheetz Food Online?

Certainly, you can order Sheetz food online. To place an order, you can visit their official website or any other delivery platform such as Doordash, GrubHub, etc. 

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