KFC $20 Fill up Box Launches Deal

KFC Launches Exciting New $20 Fill Up Box – A Shareable Feast!

In a delightful move for all the fried chicken enthusiasts out there, KFC has unveiled its latest offering, the $20 Fill Up Box. This sensational new addition to the KFC menu is designed for those who crave a hearty and shareable meal that doesn’t break the bank.

What’s Inside the $20 Fill Up Box?

This tantalizing box is packed with a variety of KFC’s most beloved items, making it a perfect choice for both individuals and groups. Here’s what you can expect inside the $20 Fill Up Box:

What's Inside the $20 Fill Up Box?
  1. 12-Piece Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets: These nuggets are a crispy and flavorful delight that will satisfy your fried chicken cravings.
  2. Four Pieces of Bone-In Chicken: KFC’s signature bone-in chicken pieces, seasoned to perfection and cooked to a crispy golden brown.
  3. Secret Recipe Fries: No KFC meal is complete without their iconic seasoned fries. They’re the perfect side to complement your chicken.
  4. Four Fluffy Biscuits: Soft and buttery biscuits that are sure to melt in your mouth.
  5. Choice of Dipping Sauces: You get to customize your meal with your choice of dipping sauces, adding a flavorful twist to every bite.

Where Can You Find It?

Starting from June 30, 2023, the $20 Fill Up Box will be available for a limited time at participating KFC locations nationwide. It’s a must-try option for anyone looking to enjoy a hearty KFC feast with friends and family.

Why You’ll Love It

The $20 Fill Up Box isn’t just about quantity; it’s about quality too. KFC’s commitment to delivering delicious, mouthwatering chicken is evident in every piece. Plus, the inclusion of biscuits and dipping sauces adds an extra layer of indulgence to the meal.

Whether you’re planning a picnic, a family gathering, or simply want to treat yourself to a satisfying meal, the $20 Fill Up Box has you covered. It’s an affordable way to enjoy the best of KFC’s offerings in one convenient package.

So mark your calendars for June 30, 2023, and head over to your nearest KFC to savor the goodness of the $20 Fill Up Box. Share the joy and flavors of KFC with your loved ones – it’s a mealtime experience you won’t want to miss!

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